Building Community is Central to NHCF's Philosophy!
At New Heart Christian Foundation we are mindful that our work is about affecting change, transforming lives and building community. As a part of the New Heart Family, you are an integral part of a community that assists battered, homeless women and unwed teen mothers. Your support helps us break this cycle, so that future generations of children, teens and battered women will prosper and enjoy the advantage of a safe home, education, health care and self-reliance.

You can help support our efforts in providing independence to our homeless & unwed teen mothers in many ways. You can volunteer your time and talents through a variety of opportunities that are available throughout our organization, you can receive updates on programs and activities by joining our online NHCF family, and last but not least you can make a financial donation to assist with the services and programs that we provide to our unwed teen mothers, children, homeless and battered women.

No matter how you decide to invest in NHCF mission and in the future of these unwed teen mothers, children, homeless and battered women-your involvement will serve in making a difference in our community.

Our Mission
To enhance the positive quality of individual, family and community life by providing services for the homeless, counseling, support and referral service for battered women and children, information, support and counseling for pregnant teens and information for health and prevention.
P.O. Box 132
Morrow, GA 30260
Tel: (770) 478-9539
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